Art is seen as more than a career choice by Cornwall based artist and art
facilitator, Cosmic.

“The job of an artist doesn’t stop when he or she stops painting or making their
art…” He said in a recent interview with Cornwall Arts and Craft CIC’s Louise

“…In fact I’d go as far as saying that it isn’t a job at all, but a way of life. The most mundane tasks can be easily transformed into mindfulness activities for an artist, and a whole new way of looking at the world can open up.

Art can communicate complex ideas without the use of verbal or written
language and the artist has to be forever working in order to be able to filter all
this information and allow things like metaphors and “happy accidents” for
example, to occur naturally.”

Cosmic 2

When his own art practice led him into becoming a freelance artist in 2008 he
focused mainly on murals.

“I began painting murals as a teenager and back then we saw art as important
but also just something we were into like skateboarding or music. Mural art,
graffiti and graphic illustration ran alongside musical genres like hip-hop or
punk and were just other ways that we expressed ourselves. The rest of the
world looked grey and boring to us back then and it was our job to put colour
and characters on the concrete, and then skate on it.”

“After a few bigger mural projects led me to working for myself I thought about
offering the experience to paint a mural as a workshop. Humans have painted on walls as long as they have used fire so there must be an interest in it.” He
chuckled. “I didn’t expect to still be running them ten years later.”

“Back then I completed a PTTLLS teaching course, an Art Therapy Foundation
and a Life Drawing City and Guilds qualification. I’m mostly self-taught, which is great for my type of art, but much of my learning wasn’t in academic settings.” He said. “So, when I decided I was going to share my knowledge I thought it might help to learn a bit about exactly what that is, and how to teach it.”

Cosmic’s work can be found on walls cars and surfboards all over Cornwall and
the rest of the UK, and over the world. He regularly brings out books of his
artwork and his designs have been used on products and campaigns by some of
the worlds biggest and best-known companies, charities and organisations.