How to Get Involved

Put your design on a mural at Heartlands

If you are between 13 and 17 and want to create and spray paint a design on one of the murals that will be on display in the Diaspora gardens at Heartlands then read on.

To get involved you should research the events of the Cornish Diaspora. This is an event when thousands of Cornish miners left their beloved Cornwall and set sail for distant, newly discovered lands overseas.

You can pick one country or even one miner to investigate and come up with a design or poem, or even some writing, that you feel reflects their journey or how they felt, or what they endured on arriving in a foreign country.

Investigated where they went and what they mined, look at the impact the Cornish culture had on the areas in which they settled, an impact which lasts till this day.

Did you have a distant relative who travelled oversees in the 18th century in search of work? Nag your grandparents for information on any connections your family has to mining in Cornwall.

There is some information on the following pages with useful links to sites that may aid your research.

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